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ME Before & After Using BEAUCHE!!!

I started using beauche last october 2010. After a month of using beauche, my skin became clearer and blemish-free. I really love this product, so until now, I’m still a beauche user. Even if pimples appear during my period or when I lack sleep, I know that beauche is there to heal my pimples. I haven’t visited a dermatologist in about 3 years since using beauche.

Here is my beauche review:


Aside from being a beauche user, I am also a reseller/dealer of beauche since last year, 2012. Almost all of my clients experienced its effectiveness, and almost all of them trusted me even if they don’t personally know me. It is also a challenge for me since I put up my BeaucheOnlineStore. I only know (personally) a few of my clients, most of them, we started as strangers.

I really make sure that I am a trusted online seller of beauche. I want my clients to know that I am a trust-worthy person. They are the ones who makes my business grow. My confidence also grew, communicating with different people. I was used to communicating with people in my previous job, but not behind an email or facebook messages where I don’t get to personally talk with a client.

I am very much happy to serve my Beauche products to all people, not only here in the Philippines, but also worldwide.

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