Beauche Reviews

I am Girlee Pacalinga-Palma, and I tried Beauche because a friend recommended the product. The friend told me to test it because she was amazed at the fair face of the sales girl with practically glowing and blooming skin when my friend visited one of the Beauche outlets. During that time, I was selling other products for whitening and that friend who made the suggestion was one of my clients. The cream I was selling back then encountered a problem with the ingredients because apparently they were not BFAD-approved. When my friend suggested to try Beauche, I sent the money to her friend to buy from her 1 Beauche kit because  I did not know where to buy one. When the kit arrived, I immediately set to work and applied it.

The content of the beauty pack were all good for me except the exfoliating cream which I had a problem in tolerating the stinging sensation when I applied it. I suggest applying the cream in front of an electric fan or something that will blow the pain away. There was a warning that such thing should be expected and the pain is only temporary. I obeyed the directions stated on the pack for seven days and redness on my face appeared. After the expected initial effects, I then saw great results!

I used lots of whitening products especially formulated to fight off pimples, and have even tried going to a dermatologist every 2 weeks – all just wasted my time and money. Beauche got rid of my pimples and I got a more radiant skin.

I’m still using it today and highly recommend the product to my friends and everyone. Follow what the product says and use it continuously.