Beauche To Boost Your Confidence!

Looking for a way to have a smooth, soft, blooming, and blemish free skin? Did you try everything in your power to eliminate stubborn pimples and acne but none worked? Have you consulted a dermatologist before but the result proved to be a complete waste of money? Discover the miraculous touch of Beauche and uncover a beautiful skin that you thought impossible to possess.

In here you will find how beauche can help you, its wonders, the skin problems it solves, etc.

Table of Contents of this Page:
1. Wonders of Beauche
2. Skin Problems It Targets
3. Beauche Review
4. Products and Benefits
5. Night and Day Use Recommendations
6. Prices
7. Where to Order
8. Initial Reactions, Possible Side Effects and FAQs
9. Earning by Becoming a Dealer
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Beauche Helps Unleash a Beautiful and Glowing Skin

Beauche Set

Beauche Set

You need to understand that you wore a flawlessly beautiful skin on the day you were born and getting such complexion today is something achievable with a little help from Beauche. Fulfill your desire to wear a vibrant, glowing, and smooth skin.

The Wonders of Beauche

Most Filipina have dark skin that they want to lighten. Some have uneven skin tone that they want to correct. As most Filipina became career-oriented, pimples and acne became major problem as well. As a result, their self-esteem took a deep plunge that affected the way they interact with colleagues, friends, and family.

Luckily Beauche knows what a Filipina is going through (and other women in the same boat as well). Beauche is famous for giving a lighter skin in lesser time than expected although results might not be the same with everyone. It can effectively take away all forms of skin blemishes or practically make them less visible (like you don’t have them at all).

Beauche is good for any skin problem like:

  • pimples
  • acne
  • excessive oils on face
  • open pores
  • discoloration
  • warts
  • black heads
  • white heads
  • and it is an effective skin lightening solution

Having a beautiful face is a given, but having gorgeous skin all throughout needs extra care and effort. It is a known fact that a woman with flawless skin can attract more attention than someone with a pretty face. Even if you think that you have an average look, you can still charm more onlookers than the beautiful ladies if you have blemish free and glowing skin to flaunt, and all thanks to Beauche beauty products.

My Beauche Review

Most users of the product claim slight stinging sensations during the first few weeks and noticed results in as little as one week. The product is definitely cheaper and more convenient than paying a dermatologist a visit (which is very costly).

Here is my own beauche review / testimony from a while back:

Before And After Pictures

Me before using Beauche and after using beauche.

I am Girlee Pacalinga-Palma, and I tried Beauche because a friend recommended the product. The friend told me to test it because she was amazed at the fair face of the sales girl with practically glowing and blooming skin when my friend visited one of the Beauche branches. During that time, I was selling other products for whitening and that friend who made the suggestion was one of my clients. The cream I was selling back then encountered a problem with the ingredients because apparently they were not BFAD-approved. When my friend suggested to try Beauche, I sent the money to her friend to buy from her 1 Beauche kit because  I did not know where to buy one. When the kit arrived, I immediately set to work and applied it.

The content of the beauty pack were all good for me except the exfoliating cream which I had a problem in tolerating the stinging sensation when I applied it. I suggest applying the cream in front of an electric fan or something that will blow the pain away. There was a warning that such thing should be expected and the pain is only temporary. I obeyed the directions/application procedures stated on the pack for seven days and redness on my face appeared. After the expected initial effects, I then saw great results!

I used lots of whitening products especially formulated to fight off pimples, and have even tried going to a dermatologist every 2 weeks – all just wasted my time and money. Beauche got rid of my pimples and I got a more radiant skin.

I’m still using it today and highly recommend the product to my friends and everyone. Follow what the product says and use it continuously.

Different Beauche Products and its Benefits

Beauche Products and Sets


Beauche Rejuvenating Cream

The rich cream evens out problematic skin tone and brightens the skin. It improves the texture while giving the skin natural moisture. It gives renewed life to a seemingly dull skin and gives it the ability to remain young and full of vigor.

The cream eliminates extra pools of pigment and prevents melanin from forming to give you nothing but rejuvenated vibrant skin that is full of life.

Beauche Gluta Soap

The nourishing soap contains Glutathione (famous for its whitening capability) and Vitamin C which can detoxify and provide excellent protection for the skin against detrimental chemicals. It also contains songyi mushroom with enzymes that promote natural fairness. The unique bio-herbal extract consists of potent anti-oxidants, amino acids, minerals that hinder aging and rejuvenates skin, and vitamins. The enzyme can also provide effective whitening without causing any damage.

The beauche gluta soap is made from milk and songyi mushroom and available in 90 and 150 grams.

Beauche Age Eraser Cream

The pink cream can provide a natural pinkish glow on your face and there is enough clinical proof that the product can reduce wrinkles on the face. It has SPF 35 that helps shield the skin from harmful UV rays and repair the damages on the skin caused by the sun.

The age eraser cream contains aqua, parsol, collagen, methyl paraben, milk lactates, titanium dioxide, and placentol.

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap

This beauty bar soap thoroughly cleanses the skin in a most gentle fashion and helps get rid of pimples, black heads, white heads, and corrects skin pigmentation. It also has the ability to restore the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

The beauty bar contains VCO, papaya enzyme, and kojic acid.

Beauche Skin Toner

This skin toner is mild and gentle to the skin. It can cleanse the face deep down and get id of all the dirt and debris that your face has collected within the day while keeping the upper layer of the skin moisturized. It helps stimulate the skin after the thorough yet gentle cleansing and helps maintain the protective acidic shield on the skin which enables the skin to maintain its strength and cohesiveness.

Ingredients of the toner include aqua, ethyl alcohol, Vitamin C, sodium metabisufate, and some fragrance.

Beauche Exfoliating Cream

This exfoliating cream works by getting rid of the dead layers of the skin for a healthier and smoother looking complexion. This does a deep scrub to remove the tough skin, age spots, irritation and rashes.

Its ingredients include:

  1. Aqua
  2. Methyl Paraben
  3. Salicylic Acid
  4. Stearyl Alcohol
  5. Propylene Glycol

Beauche Beauty Set

The entire set consists of soap, clarifying lotion, skin toner, exfoliating cream, age eraser, and rejuvenating cream. The beauty pack is the most effective beauty regimen system that you will ever find in the market today. They are individually good, but together they are your most reliable and formidable beauty weapon.

Beauche Papaya Kojic Balls

The papaya kojic balls helps eliminate the pimples, white heads, and black heads as well as remedy the uneven pigmentation via deep yet gentle cleansing. It can also help restore the suppleness of the skin as well as elasticity when exposed to elements that make the skin dry and dull.

Ingredients include fruit extracts, VCO, essential oils, and sodium lactate.

Beauche Gluta Balls

The Gluta balls have glutathione that is responsible for inhibiting melanin growth to keep the skin fair looking and blemish free. It has songyi mushroom that helps with the effective whitening effect. The included natural milk in the soap protects the skin from becoming dry and lifeless.

Recommendations for Night and Day Use

How to use beauche? When using Beauche at night, it is best to take the following steps in order to achieve maximum result:

  1. – Clean your face, arms, and neck with skin toner using cotton balls or facial tissue. Make sure that your hands are clean.
  2. – Wash your face using Beauche bar soap following the correct upward and circular motion when massaging the soap on the face.
  3. – Put enough clarifying solution on a piece of cotton ball and apply on the face using upward motion or stroke.
  4. – Apply a generous amount of exfoliating cream and make sure not to rinse it.
  5. – Wait for fifteen minutes before spreading considerable amount of rejuvenating cream. Use circular motion in applying the cream. Do not rinse it and let it stay on your skin overnight.
  6. When using Beauche during day time (after the night time regimen), it is best to take the following:
  7. – Rub ice to your face to close the pores and lift the dead skin off as well as remove the cream applied during the night.
  8. – Wash your face with Beauche soap and follow the correct upward and circular motion.
  9. – Spread generous amount of age eraser cream to keep skin moisturized and protected from UV rays.

Prices and Where to Order

Product with Suggested Beauche Prices in Php:

Beauche Set 750.00
Skin Toner 60 ml 80.00
 Skin Toner 120 ml  155.00
Beauty Bar Soap 90 g  38.00
Beauty Bar Soap 150 g 58.00
 Clarifying Solution 60 ml 150.00
Clarifying Solution 120 ml 290.00
 Exfoliating Cream 200.00
Rejuvenating Cream 200.00
Age Eraser Cream  200.00
Beauche Gluta Soap 90 g  68.00
Beauche Gluta Soap 150 g 88.00
Papaya Kojic Hotel Size  300.00
Gluta Hotel Size 400.00
Kojic Balls 300.00
Gluta Balls 400.00

Getting Your Beauche Sets and Products

Where to buy beauche? You can place your orders online at that offers free shipping of Beauche sets within the Philippines – a more convenient way to purchase your beauty product and less stress on your part as you eliminate the hassle of making the trip and traffic. also takes orders outside the Philippines, and buyers must shoulder the shipment cost. We can also be reached at Why not also check out our fb page? See the many satisfied clients not just in the Philippines but around the globe. Like us on Facebook and you will definitely love going back again and again.

Anywhere you are in the Philippines or the world whether US, UK, UAE, or the rest of Asia, you will be able to reach Beauche and vice versa through this online store.

Possible Side Effects and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Beauche has a lot of benefits, but like all products out there, Beauche has its own share of minimal side effects like tingling sensations and initial reactions (not really side effects) which are expected to occur. If the initial reactions appear to be severe, then it is best to consult a doctor – it is possible that you have allergy in one of the components that you are not aware of.

The initial reactions after using the product include :

  • redness of face
  • tightening of the skin
  • stinging sensations
  • emergence of new pimples

The initial reactions usually occur during the first week of use and the stinging sensations only lasts for a few seconds after application. Understand that not all people share the same condition. There are things that might make the initial reactions last longer than expected.

Do not prick or try to scrub the new sets of pimples that appear after using the product. The pimples were already there under the top skin. The product just made the pimples from underneath the skin to surface, and dries them out. They were actually made to pop from hiding to be eliminated.

It is not recommended to use other brands while trying Beauche so you will know how effective the product is. The complete set of Beauche is enough to give you a glowing skin.

After using two sets of Beauche it is recommended to continue using all the products except the exfoliating cream. You can exfoliate two or three times a week in order to have proper maintenance.

Peeling is a natural occurrence as well. Everybody will experience peeling although some might not notice it since its micro peeling. There are also some with lots of skin problems who will see the peeling. This usually lasts for two to three days.

Keep in mind that rubbing ice is very important because it neutralizes the skin and it is effective in eliminating night creams, minimizing the pores, and for anti-aging.

Clarifying and rejuvenating cream might change its color in time. The change in color is an indication that the product aged – expect it to be more effective. It is not expired and it is safe to use. The product usually expires in two years time.

Beauche product is a beauty product that chooses no age and gender. It is applicable for men and women. Teenagers who have skin problems can use the product as well.

Visible results usually occur within the first week of use and full results usually appear after a month of continuous use. It is important to note that direct ray of the sun must be avoided at all cost because it can affect the result.

Pregnant and nursing mother can use the Beauche soaps but not the liquids and creams. They have to wait when nursing period has concluded before trying the liquid and cream treatment.

You need to store the product in a cool dry place away from direct light exposure with lid tightly closed.

You can still put on make up after applying age eraser cream although you might think twice because the cream is enough to give you the look that you want even without make up.

Earn by Becoming a Beauche Dealer while Keeping your Skin Vibrant and Blemish Free

You too can become a dealer while on the verge of attaining a youthful looking and beautiful skin. You can be the best proof to prove to your potential client that the product is really effective.

Being a dealer can give you lots of advantages. You can earn extra cash for you and your family; save more money as you use the product on yourself; introduce other source of income to your family and friends; bring a smile of satisfaction on the faces of those people with skin problems; develop a personality with renewed spirit; and a whole lot more as you go along.

When you look at it, no one loses – it’s a win-win situation. You can ask for the things that you need to clarify if you have decided to become a Beauche dealer. The more people you help achieve fair and radiant skin, the more you order you place, and more discounts will definitely come your way. You will earn more while breathing the air of different kind of self satisfaction in knowing that you have able to help someone when he or she needed it most.

Beauche – Its Name, Humble Beginnings, Vision, and Mission

Beauche was coined from the name of its founder, Conchita Toribio-Delos Reyes, and she was fondly called “Che”. Her dreams to augment her earnings and give her family the best life possible are just some of the things that drove her to venture into the beauty business that is Beauche.

Beauche understands the special needs of the skin and the company devoted itself in conducting various researches to come up with such an amazing discovery while harnessing the wonders of modern technology and skin science.

Beauche started to lift off as domestic demand for the product increased and soon neighboring countries recognized it as well and it gained international appreciation.

The company believes that all change begins within you. They encourage people to nurture a positive way of thinking, pursue good health, and work really hard. The company’s vision is to give beauty and enhance wellness and their mission is to transform lives and make people live to be the best of what they can turn out to be.

Other beauty products may contain the same active ingredients that Beauche also used but the difference that made Beauche more effective is the technology and methodology that the company applies in handling their raw materials. Light and air can easily affect the quality of some active ingredients if not handled properly – a fact that most beauty product providers fail to consider. There are ingredients that need special containers which Beauche specially obtained while waiting to be used for the next batch or production. These special storage containers can prolong the shelf life of the ingredients and maintain their freshness to serve their purpose really well.

The manufacturing people closely work as a team to achieve a common goal in bringing quality beauty enhancing products in the palm of your hands. They filter and micronize all the extracts and active ingredients to yield excellent efficacy and efficiency. Manufacturers of low quality products do not devote such time in making their product truly effective.

In making Beauche products, the entire team sees to it that all ingredients are treated and handled equally – the base ingredients bear the same importance as the active components. The entire production crew knew that suitable carriers and liposomes are important so that active ingredients can able to penetrate deeply into the skin. Beauche also uses effective moisturizers and preservatives to avoid or keep skin irritation at minimal level – the beauty products contain the highest concentration of active components that the skin can tolerate.

The special base ingredients and high quality active components that are handled with utmost care and stored safely in specially designed containers together with Beauche’s own technology are the basic things that set the miraculous product apart from all the rest.

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